LB200 Baitcasting Reel - 18 Ball Bearings

  • $40.26

LB200 Baitcasting Reel 18 Ball Bearings

This is a great baitcast reel, with 18 bearings, and a centrifugal brake system to make backlashes a thing of the past.  The price is so low, due to the Angler who uses this reel, needing to take the extra step and check the metric size of their line.

Instead of simply spooling up X-yards of X-Lb test, the Angler will need to check the line diameter, to ensure it falls between 0.285 and .33 nin.

Depending on the monofilament brand, 0.285 is typically 6lb test, but it does depend on the brand.

  • 17 stainless steel ball bearings and one way clutch.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Double control broke system for greater stability.
  • The centrifugal brake system outperforms magnetic systems for backlash reduction.
  • Round EVA knob provides secure grip for improved cranking power
  • Super light structure design and high class deluxe painting
  • Ultra-light CNC machined aluminum spool and handle 
  • Recessed reel foot allows for a more ergonomic reel design
    • Weight: 211g/7.4oz 2. 
    • Gear Ratio: 6.3:1 3. 
    • Max Power drag: 9lbs
    • Line Capacity (nin/M): 0.285/115; 0.3/100: 0.33/90

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