Custom Fit - Gabriel Bulletproof Armor Compression Vest

  • $850.00

Custom Fit NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Gabriel Compression Vest

View Anti-Ballistic Test Results from H.P. White Laboratory, Inc

The Gabriel Ballistic Base Layer is the most concealable piece of body armor on today’s market with a NIJ IIIA rating offering its wearer unprecedented comfort. Whether an undercover task-force member, a silent operator, or a private citizen needing an ultra-concealable piece of body armor, the Gabriel BBL gives you the tactical advantage you need and the ultimate comfort you deserve.

Ergonomically designed to provide complete uninhibited mobility when used in close quarter tactics. Each Gabriel BBL is custom built and its sleek design leaves a nearly invisible footprint under most garments..

**Additional Option: Full Wrap

Full Wrap featuring side coverage is available to provide additional ballistic protection. When Full Wrap is added to clothing, the front and back panels overlap on each side providing an added tactical advantage (please see image above). Keep in mind that the additional ballistic material used for Full Wrap may lessen concealability slightly.  Full Wrap is available for an additional $170.00, as reflected in the item's price when selected.

  • Custom-made to fit your exact measurements. Download Custom Size Request Form here OPTION 1 or OPTION 2.
  • Ultra-concealable and light weight.
  • Extremely covert design, with a nearly invisible footprint.
  • Ideal for military, police, and civilians alike.
  • Hidden side zippers provide incredible ease when donning and doffing of the Gabriel BBL.
  • Our state of the art panel suspension system prevents rolling and sagging of ballistic panels inside the BBL, which enhances concealability.
  • Panel suspension system enables easy removal for washing.
  • Smart-Fabric utilizes the newest anti-microbial fabric technology to help you stay cool, dry and comfortable.
  • Anti-abrasion properties reduce impact acceleration to lessen the risk of injury.
  • Adjustment-free for more mobility. No underarm cutting, shoulder bulk/pain, or irritation points.
  • Velcro-free to ensure comfort and to prevent vest movement.
  • Three color options (black, white, and nude).
  • Option to purchase additional carrier vests for your ballistic panels.
  • Weighs approximately 4.5 – 5 lbs. depending on size.


          • Removable Kevlar bulletproof interior liner for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
          • DuPont Kevlar XP S300 Protection performance: NIJ IIIA Passed USA HP lab test.
          • Meets NIJ IIIA standards that will stop a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition and more.
          • Threat level IIIA is the highest level of protection available in soft body armor.
          • Provides identical anti-ballistic protective coverage area as traditional law enforcement body armor vests.

            The Gabriel BBL ballistic panel sizes. 
            • Standard Large Panel Protection: Front panel covers 198 Square inches. Back panel covers 207 Square inches.
            • Full Wrap Protection: Front panel covers 279 Square inches. Back panel covers 192 Square inches.
                  • Proudly manufactured in the United States of America.
                  • Shell: Nylon/Spandex
                  • Weight: 4.5-5 lbs (2-2.2kg). 

                    Download Custom Size Request Form here OPTION 1 or OPTION 2.

                    How to Measure:  1.) Refer to the image below.  2.) This isn't an inexpensive purchase, and the restocking fee is 15% - Measure at least TWICE to ensure you measure correctly.


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