7'-10" Telescopic Spinning Combo & Tackle

  • $32.44

This is your “go-to” rod & reel combo.  The quality spare you keep safely tucked away in your trunk, for that spur of the moment opportunity to wet a line.  Keep one on your boat, as a backup to your starting lineup. You never know when something’s going to run afoul and the next thing you know your favorite Bait cast looks like a bird’s nest.

Don’t let a smidgen of bad luck ruin your day on the water.  Pull this out of the broken livewell you’ve been stashing it in and (You really need to fix that livewell), and go on with your day, as though nothing had run amok!

Includes a telescopic fishing rod, a spinning fishing reel, 100 yards of fishing line, artificial baits, fishing hooks, jig head, barrel swivels, artificial minnows, bobbers, and a portable lightweight fishing bag. This kit is suitable for fishing lovers and new anglers alike

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Fishing Rod
  • 1 x Fishing Reel
  • 100 yds Fishing Line
  • 2 x Artificial Minnows
  • 5 x Crank Hooks
  • 5 x Barrel Swivels
  • 3 x Jig Heads
  • 5 x 2” Green Grub
  • 5 x Noctilucent Jellyfish

    Fishing Rod Material: Carbon fiber

    • Extended length: 7'10"
    • Retractable length: 15.5"
    • Weight: 7.3oz

    Fishing Reel Material: Metal

    • Line capacity: 8/215 10/190 12/130 (LBS/YDS)
    • Gear Ratio: 5:5:1 Weight: 9.6oz 

    Fishing Bag Material: Nylon Case Size: 19” x  5.7” x 3.5”

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