240 Compostable Dog Waste Bags

  • $28.51

240 Compostable Dog Waste Bags

Because they are vegetable based they are safe for the environment and an excellent alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags.

Choosing biodegradable waste bags is a choice for an eco-friendly and ethical future, replacing plastic bags with our more sustainable compostable bags. Made from cornstarch and other bio based proprietary components (PBAT) they are ASTM D6400 Certified (USA) EN13432 Certified (EU) and break down and decompose in just 90 days. The bag and the box MUST carry the STAMP TO CONFORM to either Vincotte or BPI standards.
  • Thick plastic, heavy duty and leak-proof.
  • Unscented, & allergen free.
  • Large size: 9” x 13” are made big enough for even the largest of dogs.They are bigger, and at 20microns thicker than our competitors, tougher and totally leak-proof, keeping contents and odor inside. 
  • Anti-Microbial: Makes picking up after your dog more hygienic.

Package Includes: 15 bags per roll, 16 rolls per box 240 bags in total.


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