2 x Powerlifting Hooks

  • $16.10

2 x Powerlifting Straps with Hooks

Ideal for Deadlifts, and Good Mornings.

Absolutely NOT to be used for Power Cleans.
Lifting hooks are designed to be used when using weights for your workout routine, not for situations where you are going for a single repetition max.

The weight amount used during your workout routine is typically a controllable amount, whereas a single repetition max is an amount of weight you haven't successfully lifted before.

When going for a single repetition max, it isn't uncommon that you may lose control of the weight, and if using Lifting Hooks or Straps, you may not be able to get clear of the weight, and seriously injure yourself.

  • Dipped metal hooks, to enhance bar-grip.
  • Thick wrist-strap for comfortable use
  • Hooks are .393" thick, that's just over 3/8", which is .375"
  • Wrist-strap is 14" long, and secures to your wrist with hook & loop fastener (Aka Velcro)

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