8 Person Poly/Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

  • $729.21

8 Person Poly/Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

The standard bell tent, modified to be super functional and durable for camping, whilst maintaining the charm of the traditional bell tent. The toughest, sturdiest and highest-military grade canvas were used in the construction. This canvas is waterproof, fire retardant, UV and mold resistant. High grade mosquito netting windows and doors zip close completely, allowing you to safely leave your main doors open at night without being harassed by insects. Strong steel used for the center poles and A frame poles at the door. 



Capacity: 8+

Windows: 2 with mosquito netting

Doors: 1 with mosquito netting 


  • Fabric Material: Polyester/Cotton Canvas
  • Material Weight: 285 GSM, 10.05 oz per square meter.
  • Color: Khaki
  • Center Pole Material: Galvanized steel tubes, 6 pieces total.
  • Door Pole Material: Galvanized A-Frame poles
  • Type: 8 Person Bell Tent
  • Seasons: 4 Season Tent
  • Bottom waterproof index: 1500
  • Outside Tent Waterproof Index: >3000mm
  • Dimensions: 19.7 feet x 19.7 feet x 11.8 feet center height


  • Complete cotton canvas bell tent
  • Steel galvanized stakes
  • Polyester guylines

Other info:

Cotton shrinks when wet, making itself waterproof when it rains.T he first time your tent gets wet it may leak a little, do not worry THIS IS TOTALLY NORMAL!

Once it dries out for the first time that shrinkage closes any little holes to ensure it will not happen again.

The canvas has been impregnated to protect it from dirt, ultraviolet radiation and fungus. This makes it mold-resistant but not mold-proof. lf the canvas remains damp, in a place where mold can grow, eventually mold will grow. lf you put your tent in a damp corner of garden, next to a hedge, or under a tree long term it will eventually get mold (as would a car or anything left there). Therefore it is worth considering the right spot that has some ventilation, as mold is not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Advantages of a cotton canvas tent:

Strong, breathing and humidity regulating

Disadvantages of cotton canvas tent:

Dries slowly. Sensitive to dirt and fungus.


The cotton must be bone dry before storing the tent. Never keep the tent stored away wet for longer than two days, otherwise fungus can affect the canvas which will then create permanent little black dots. 

The canvas has been impregnated with anti-fungi and made waterproof that is effective for up to 60 weeks of use. Once used past this period of camping you may need to re-proof certain areas that appear more translucent.

Dust and dried mud is best removed once the canvas is dry by brush like a floor scrubbing brush.

Lifespan: The lifespan of your tent is very dependent upon camping conditions - air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural, dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt, water) and, domestic, dirt (cooking, stains, soda, wine, suntan lotion)as these all limit the lifespan of a cotton canvas tent. The canvas on your tent should be good for over 5 years of outdoor usage if cared for correctly.  5 years of outdoor usage would take many people 10 times that many years to accumulate.  If properly cared for, this tent can last a lifetime.

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