About Us

Hello and welcome to R&L Merchandise, the place to find great deals on things you need, things you want, and things that may make you think "Who ever dreamed that up?" 

We are a small business with BIG heart, owned and operated by a multinational/multilingual family with delusions of grandeur so large we are continually working on becoming as "Global" as possible.  Or as Global as we can before the paperwork requirements turn every last hair of mine gray...ahem..

We live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and began (for the sake of simplicity) offering U.S. sourced products to U.S. visitors to our eCommerce store.  In an effort to dramatically lessen shipping times, we have began to source directly from manufacturers in several countries around this planet.  That's one proud feather in our Global Umbrella cap!

And the best thing about R&L Merchandise is, we care about each and every one of you. It doesn't matter if you purchase from us, or just "window shop", you showed up, looked around, and will certainly remember us down the road.

So, do some more browsing, perhaps purchase something for yourself, or that special someone?  And for goodness' sake, make sure you choose "YES" allow notifications.  R&L Merchandise does not send many desktop notifications, but the ones we do send are surely worth being aware of.