About Us

A Family Owned Small Business

R&L is owned and operated by a multinational/multilingual family. This sounds much more "Global eCommerce" than is the reality.

Simply put, we are a family of four, with one of us being an American who was sweet-talked into moving to Quebec Province, Canada after an early retirement in the United States.

The idea of transitioning our nearly 2 decade old Ebay store into an independent E-Commerce Retailer was based priceless advice, assistance, support, and a whole lot of luck.  

We hope you will sign up for our News Letter (Please don't forget the confirmation email) so, as time goes by you can stay apprised of everything new we offer.  Don't worry, we dislike a flooded inbox as much as the next person. R&L Merchandise only sends out one news letter per month.

What makes us unique?

How many other family operated online retail businesses are you aware of who are Authorized Resellers of Authentic name brands, such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Miu Miu, Prade, Saint Laurent, & Tom Ford?

R&L Merchandise is also continually searching for the best and widest product selection, so there is something for everyone, or at least nearly everyone who is kind enough to offer our store a few minutes of their time.

How often do you encounter a "Holiday Sale" only to notice the sale is based on an "Off-Sale" price that is higher than it was prior to the sale?  At R&L Merchandise our Off-Sale prices remain the same, every day of the year.  Our Off-Sale prices are chosen based on prices other Retailers offer the same products for.  R&L Merchandise is very lucky though, in not maintaining a physical location, or needing to employ a large staff, we are able to keep our overheard costs minimal, and we are able to offer many discounts throughout the year.

We offer customized multiple product discounts!  You want a pair of Vicious Vision Sunglasses, a Prada clutch, and a Fire Ring for your backyard patio? But we don't have an active promo code that applies?  No problem, just scroll down on our front page, and book an appointment to discuss what it is you would like to bundle together.  We will get back to you ASAP for our very best price for the items you are considering for your purchase.  Where else can you do that?

Why purchase from us?

Our Customer Service is impeccable.  If you are unhappy, we are unhappy, and we'll do everything within our ability to change your experience from negative to positive. 

As a family operated business, the competition is everywhere.  Like many Retailers, the items we offer can be found in many stores.  We continually strive to acquire your patronage through offering the lowest possible prices, and the best customer service.

In the end, those are the two most important aspects of a shopping experience, and those are what we are focused on.