Use OctoberFest for 10% off store-wide on purchases of $100 or more.

Please remember to use promo code OctoberFest during checkout for 10% off your order.  You can use the code an unlimited number of times, however you can only use 1 code per checkout, If you are purchasing a luxury designer item, which is 25% off, and an item that is 10% off you will need to checkout twice.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however this is the only way we are able to offer more than 1 sale at a time.

Other stores raise their prices prior to a sale, but we do not.  As long as our wholesale cost remains the same, the Off-Sale price that you see will always remain the same.

The Off-Sale price is set based on competitor markup for similar like products.  From this number we take our personal factors into consideration, such as the low overhead of not maintaining a physical store, and we drop our prices in the form of a sale.

Sometimes products, most likely bundled together will not fall under a promo code. This will be because we have already priced the discount into the individual product or bundle.